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The Audio department in GOSPELHAUS has a great and difficult responsibility. The department takes care of monitoring great sound in the house and record every event. 



Book Store

The Book Store is the place we display all the church products and resources like message CDs, DVDs, Books, Bibles, Magazines, and most of the Christian resources that are available in GOSPELHAUS.




Sister Abigail and her wonderful team helps to organise, cook and serve the best meals for every festivities and celebrations in GOSPELHAUS. Their international catering and dishes infuse colour always into the multicultural congregation in this ministry. You'll enjoy what they have to over during various events. Contact: 0241/40996972

Computer & Beaming

Jennifer and her Team provide all the beaming and projecting every information that should be seen on all the big screens, monitors and multimedia platforms. 



Connect & Hospitality

Deaconess Cordelia and her Team are responsible for all our First Timers (V.I.P.'s) and guests to GOSPELHAUS. They will show you love and connect you to the family atmosphere in GOSPELHAUS. They believe that GOSPELHAUS is the Father's House for all people from every cultural background. She and her team will help you and educate you about the culture of GOSPELHAUS. 



Daughters of Zion

Sister Ebere puts a smile on the faces of many women in GOSPELHAUS and beyond. She and her Team plan and organise the Women's Ministry. The women of GOSPELHAUS connects with other women from churches in and around Aachen for various events. They meet every Saturday after at 4 p.m. for prayer and share fellowship. The women also have special events like Breakfast meetings and periodical women's conferences.


Our Sister Celeste and her Team are very creative and they spend time to put a touch of beauty in every ocassion. They are really gifted and they understand where to put the right colour to bring up the best presentation.



The Discipleship program in GOSPELHAUS will help you the basics and foundational Teachings of the Lord Jesus. If you're a new Believer you'll learn about WHY YOU NEED TO BE BAPTISED IN WATER. The Discipleship program which is a 12 weeks class process will assist you to get involved in the church. You'll be assisted to discover your God-given Spiritual Gifts. You'll learn to discover your ministry and how to use it productively to the glory of God.


If you're new in GOSPELHAUS, we want you to know that we lay particular emphasis on knowing Jesus and following Him.

Drama & Performing Art

Brother Kevin (his on-stage name is prophet Maco). The Drama Department in GOSPELHAUS is one of its kind in the whole of NRW. When they mount the stage you cannot predict what they have to offer. Their presentation is very educative, funny and inspirational and both the young and elderly can always learn from it. The Team has gifted and telented yound people and made up of brethren from different nationalities. This is what makes them unique.


Finance Department

Sister Victoria and her Team work together to oversee all monies that comes in through offerings, tithes and other donations. They also take care of making all the necessary bookings and paying of all bills.



GOSPELHAUS Choir is an international representing singers from different nations but vibrates their hamonious voices to praise and uplift the Lord Jesus Christ. The choir is about 20 years and well know in the city of Aachen and the surroundings. For the past 18 years Minister Nico has been the director working together with a great team of talented musicians and artists. Contact e-mail. Telephone: 0170/3211732


Kingdom Kidz

Trainup a child in the way the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 kjv) The Kingdom Kidz is one of the oldest department in GOSPELHAUS International Chapel. The group started with one child because we believe that the future leaders must be trained and mentored from childhood. From the age of 3, children can join their friends in different groups to learn from the Bible, sing and play together under the care of loving and committed children workers.


Maintenance & Building Committee

Our brothers Emmanuel Okobiemen and Karl Wasser knows what to do and when to do it. They and several others who work in this department advices the leadership of what needs to be worked on relating to our facilities. At the moment there is a big work to be done on our flat-roof and we shall accept any generous donations from individual or organisations who desire to support us financially. Please note that every donations made to this ministry is Tas Deductible. You can contact Brother Emmanuel via e-mail. Notice: If you're planning an event and need a facility for this purpose you may contact Brother Emmanuel. Telephone: 0171/7733951.


Maintenance, Renovations, Renting of our premises, etc.

Men of Honour

Men of Honour is the men's group in GOSPELHAUS International Chapel Aachen. This is where men meet to talk and discuss men matters. The men share their hearts and pray for one another. The men in GOSPELHAUS also connect with other men from different ministries for fellowship and interactions. The group is made up of brothers from different nationalities. New ideas are always welcome from everyone. There's fun and learning from one another. Contact e-mail. Telephone: 0152/10167225



Brother Samuel and his Team takes the responsibility of taking good photos during events and conferences.



Minister Asamoah is one of the oldest and elderly men in GOSPELHAUS and his humble service to the ministy is amazing. He and and his Team make sure the main auditorium and all the other facilities of GOSPELHAUS are commodious for every event program.


Study Eagle

The Study Eagles comprise of international students and therefore the group is open for members from various backgrouds. To view some of their activities check their photo gallery. If you are a new student in the area and wants to get connected to other students, this is just a mouse click away from you.


Transport & Shuttle

At the moment we are need of a 9 seater bus to cater for the transporting of the elderly and families with little children who need assistance to and fro the church. We shall be very grateful to any individual or organisation who will donate one to us. Please every donation made to GOSPELHAUS is tax deductible.



The Media Department presents Gospelhaus to the public both locally and online. They upload our ministry and events on FaceBook, YouTube, and other social networks. This is the department responsible for all the Media  event in GOSPELHAUS. At the moment we need new equipments and volunteers to work in this department.



Youth Aflame

Our gifted and talented youth Pastors Ben and Olive has a way of making the youth group a fellowship and place you don't want to miss any meeting. The Youth Aflame is very vibrant and one of the fastest growing department of GOSPELHAUS. Every young person wants to be part of this group. There is always fun, prayer and intercession, Bible workshop, outside events, fellowship and many others. If you're and young person and wants to join, please contact Pastor Ben and Olivia. Tel.: 0176/30602157 and 0176/73718384

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